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Nighthawk's local state-of-the-art monitoring center has the power to handle any emergency

Your Nighthawk Alarm Security System is linked to our local 24-Hour UL Listed Alarm Monitoring Center, one of the most technically advanced in the United States. Because we only serve the greater Portland/Vancouver area and our monitoring center is not hundreds of miles away, you will never have to worry about storms, telephone relays, or construction work done in another state knocking out your signal or delaying it from ever being received. When your alarm sounds, it immediately informs the monitoring center of the exact nature of the alarm. Police are quickly alerted to an intrusion or with just the push of a button an ambulance can be sent immediately. If you are at the location when the break-in occurs, our operators will stay on the line with you until the proper authorities arrive. It even monitors for smoke and heat, so all you have to do is get your family to safety, we will call the fire department. Advanced software and comprehensive computer-based systems are designed for any contingency. A professionally trained staff is here to serve you 24 hours a day, bringing you a responsive, ever- dependable alarm monitoring system that performs whenever you need it.

As an added security, Nighthawk's backup generators will ensure that if the power goes out, your system won't. Nighthawk's system even monitors itself, continuously maintaining the integrity of every security device in your home. To ensure optimum response during an emergency, the aid of police, fire, medical response agencies and the Underwriter's Laboratory were enlisted in designing the response procedures and alarm monitoring center.

Free conversion

If you already have a monitoring service but are unhappy with it, we can help. Nighthawk's system is configured to interface with most major equipment brands. If the equipment meets our standards, usually all it takes to convert to Nighthawk is a brief visit by one of our technicians to reprogram the system.

Nighthawk's Local Monitoring Center never leaves, never vacations never sleeps. All of which means you can!

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