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Here is an overview of Nighthawk Alarm System:

Security is nothing to take lightly, especially when it comes to the safety of your home or business. That is why so many people rely on the dependability of security systems. Whether you are present or away, you are assured that your home or business is secured.

The Basic System includes the following

Control Panel
The control panel is the "brain" of your security system and controls all the processing of alarms from the different components of your alarm system. It is usually installed in a closet or other out of site location . The control panel houses the back-up battery, which will run the system for eight to ten hours, then automatically recharge when the power is restored. So that if the power goes out, your system does not.

LED Keypad The keypad is your command center, allowing you to turn on all or just portions of your alarm system. The LED keypad offers five one-touch function keys. So when you are rushing out the door, the push of the "Away" button will ensure your home is safe and sound. It has a "Stay" button which allows you to have the system armed and still be in the house, and with the special "Exit" button, there is no need to disarm and rearm the system every time you leave the house or let the dog out. It also features a "Chime" button, which can be used to let you know when someone is coming in or out of your door, this can be used for home or business. There are also one-touch panic buttons for Fire, Police and Medical in the event of an emergency. Our technology also features an automatic cancel when you enter your code, if you have accidentally set off your system.

Motion Detect The PIR Motion sensor sends a series of fan shaped, infra-red beams approximately 35-40 feet at a 90 degree angle. It is normally placed in an area that an intruder would likely think of as a point of entry and/or in a central pathway or hallway leading to the master bedroom area, since this is the first place most intruders head for. It will sound the alarm and call in to the monitoring center if someone moves through its path.

Siren The interior siren is installed to send a loud alarm to you during an emergency. It would notify you and any intruder that a signal has been sent to the monitoring center and that police are on the way. Intruders will not stick around and you are protected from and alerted to the problem.

The door sensors are installed on either a door or window at vulnerable entry points. They alert the system that an entry way has been opened, and if the system is not turned off with your secret code, then it will signal the monitoring center of the entry.

Window Decal The monitoring communicator is a special phone jack that connects you to the monitoring center. The window decals and yard sign alert intruders, before they enter, that your home is protected and that they should move on.

You can upgrade the Basic system with any of the following

LCD Keypad You can upgrade your keypad to an LCD keypad. It has a liquid crystal screen that displays everything for you, using the scroll buttons you can easily move through commands and functions. Just like the LED keypad it is easy to use for everyone in your family and features the same one-touch command buttons.

Smoke Detector Smoke and heat detectors can be linked into your security system and alert the monitoring center, and you, of a possible fire. Despite what most people believe, smoke does not wake us up. It actually robs us of oxygen and makes us go into a deeper sleep. The best protection from fire is the loud siren set off by a smoke or heat detector. And while the system alerts the fire department, you can get your family to safety.

Pet Motion A pet effective motion detector can be an added upgrade to the basic system. Our high-tech sensors can detect the difference between a human and family pets. It provides pet friendly protection, being immune to an 80 pound dog or two cats. Now if you have pets, you can still arm the system, with motion protection, and let the pets roam free in your house.

Remote Panic Wireless components can be additions to your existing hardwired system. Our door sensors, smoke detector and motion detector can all be upgraded to wireless components. Another convenient wireless component would be a hand held panic (features just a panic button) or hand held panic with arm/disarm ability. These remote units let you move about the house and yard and still be in reach of a panic button. The average range is within 100 feet of the house. Perfect for handicapped or elderly residents. It can be put on a chain to wear around your neck or on a keychain along with your keys.

Glassbreak Detect A glassbreak detector can be used as an alternate for a group of windows. This device is used in an area where you have non-opening, large windows that can be broken and used as an entry way. Our detector features a sophisticated microphone system designed to hear glass breakage up to 25 feet away. It will detect only the sound of glass breaking, it does not get confused by "sound alikes", such as rattling keys or the telephone ringing. More than likely you want the intruder outside when your alarm goes off and the glassbreak detector can help.

Intercom An intercom system can be attached to either type of keypad and would allow you to communicate easily and clearly with your family from room to room in the house. No more walking up and down the stairs to be heard. You can listen, without pressing buttons each time, to a sleeping baby or playing children. And you can know who is at the front door without having to open it (an added security).

As an added feature you can upgrade to Remote Telephone Access. With the remote telephone there is no need to worry about your home if you are on vacation. Using any touch tone telephone you can check on your system from anywhere in the world. This option tells you instantly if your system is armed or if there have been any alarms. You can also add Home Automation which, with the same phone call, you can adjust the heat, control the lights and turn on your sprinkler system. Talk about peace of mind.

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