Serving the Greater Portland, Vancouver, and Salem Areas
Portland: 503-558-8765  |  Vancouver: 360-690-4696  |  Salem: 503-838-4001  |  Toll-Free: 888-234-HAWK (4295)


At Nighthawk We Have One Goal:
Take Care of our Customers

"I called several alarm companies to get some information regarding a home security system. The NIGHTHAWK salesperson was very professional and polite. She didn't try to pressure me into buying a system. I selected NIGHTHAWK because you had the best price and you are a locally owned company. All of the companies that I called were headquartered and/or monitored out-of-state, I just wasn't comfortable with that. It was nice knowing I was putting my money back into our economy and not some state across the country. Thank you."

Bob C.
Clackamas, OR

"I used to have a system with a big name company. One time my wife accidentally set it off, after waiting nearly 30 minutes for them to call, we finally called them. First we were transferred a couple times, then they had to find us in the system. They were trying to find us in Portland, Maine. It had been over 45 minutes from the time the alarm went off until we got it taken care of. That is scary. Shortly after converting to NIGHTHAWK, we tested the system to see how long it took to get a call. I am happy to say it was only one minute from the time the siren started going off until the phone rang to find out if we were O.K. The operator we spoke with was very friendly and professional. I will never again leave the safety of my family and home to a big name out-of-state monitoring company."

Chris H.
Gresham, OR

"My wife and I are both in law enforcement. We decided on NIGHTHAWK because you are a local company with local monitoring and were recommended by a fellow officer. One of the reasons we selected NIGHTHAWK was, being in our line of work, we respond to a lot of alarm signals that are false. However, your company's track record has been exceptional. The out-of-state monitoring centers have a harder time dealing with the smaller jurisdictions, and therefore, don't always dispatch from the right precinct. Thank you and keep up the great work."

Dan A.
Portland, OR
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