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Useful Security Facts

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  • FACT: Most American homes have TV’s, DVD players, etc, but only about 5-8%of private homes have a security system. We have found that most of our customers call us after they have been broken into.
  • FACT: Police chiefs throughout the country have found that a home with a security system provides a significant deterrent to intruders. Studies have shown that homes that are not protected with burglar alarm systems experience break-ins at a rate greater than 600%.
  • FACT: Crime has increased 14 times faster than our population since 1970. Daytime burglaries have risen up to 337%, while night time home burglaries increased 213% and 65% of all rapes are committed by burglars.
  • FACT: According to the F.B.I. "Crime Clock," one burglary is committed every 10 seconds. That means over 1,300 homes burglarized a day and 50% of all homes will be burglarized in the next 10 years.
  • FACT: In 1990, burglary victims suffered losses estimated at $3.5 billion. The average loss per burglary was $1,133.00. Plus, 94% of all stolen possessions are never recovered.
  • FACT: Burglaries are not only increasing in big cities but are growing twice as fast in suburban and rural areas. Annually, over 1/2 a million burglaries are reported.
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